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About Us

At iPaintLife, we believe that everyone holds an artist within them, waiting to be discovered. We were founded with a simple mission - to ignite creativity and provide a joyful, relaxing outlet for self-expression through the art of painting. Our unique DIY paint-by-numbers canvases allow anyone, regardless of their artistic skill level, to create their own masterpiece. Each canvas is a journey of exploration, as personal photos transform into custom paint-by-numbers pieces that come to life one brushstroke at a time. We're not just about painting; we're about capturing life's precious moments and turning them into lasting memories. Join us in painting life, one number at a time.
Discover the iPaintLife Process

Experience the joy of painting your life onto canvas with iPaintLife.

What's Included in My Kit?

Each kit comes with a high-quality canvas, a set of non-toxic, acrylic paints, and four different-sized brushes - everything you need to create your artwork.

How Does it Work?

Select your favorite photo. We'll transform it into a custom paint-by-numbers canvas. Follow the numbers, and watch your masterpiece come to life!

Shipping and Delivery

We offer worldwide shipping. Your custom canvas will be ready for dispatch in 3-5 business days. The delivery time depends on your location.